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I will always associate Tamara with one of the most successful people initiatives we have ever had at McDonald’s - the Voice of McDonald’s, a worldwide singing contest for all of our restaurant employees.Tamara was there for us from the start in 2006, helping to design the judging criteria and serving as a judge herself. Every two years, the contest culminates with 12 finalists joining us at our Worldwide Convention. We had more than 10,400 contestants compete for the $25,000 grand prize in 2010.

As a voice teacher, she helped these young people cope with the pressure, helping to change their lives both mentally and vocally, and making lifetime friendships in the process. I credit Tamara’s hard-working enthusiasm and dedication as a key ingredient to the Voice of McDonald’s growth and popularity. She showed true grace under pressure in helping these young singers find new depth to their talents as they participated in this event.

Tamara was a catalyst for the success of the program and it was my personal pleasure to get to know and work with her on this project.

Rich Floersch/Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, McDonald’s

I worked with Tamara this year and how refreshing it was to see the passion and drive Tamara has with her clients. Her depth of knowledge and vocabulary is intense. Her vocal technique helped me during a recording session while struggling with the top end, within a few minutes I was cranking out high B-flats and Cs. I highly recommend spending some time with her!

Mark Goff, founder of Provocals. Vocal coach to: NSync, Backstreet Boys, Creed, Britney Spears, O Town and many more...

I began working with Tamara in order to get my voice fully prepared for the studio to record our new record. I would recommend any serious singer, with or without a voice teacher, to call Tamara.

William Beckett Jr., Lead Singer, The Academy Is...

Tamara Andersons workshops are always popular with our members. Her techniques receive rave reviews from vocalists and musicians, to aspiring performers and seasoned professionals. Results are seen during the session, and everyone takes home new skills they can use right away. I highly recommend Tamaras workshop to anyone who picks up a mic.

Barbara Wagner, Vice President of WAMI (Wis. Area Music Industry)

Thank you for turning me upside down and making me think about the voice from a whole different prospective. The teachers and students really got a lot out of The Progressive Singers Workshop Masters Classes youve

taught at Columbia College.

Columbia College Faculty


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