Tamara Anderson Instruction and Performance

"I feel what's most important in this business of music is to make music that you are proud of, and that moves you.  If you are moved, and feel good about it, then so will your audience.  If you doubt yourself, and look for too much reassurance, you are sure to be disappointed.  The onlyone you have to impress is yourself, then share, be kind, be strong, but most of all, "be truth to thyself".  And always make the best music you can, education goes a long way."  

-Tamara Anderson

Progressive Singing Techniques Introduciton with Tamara Anderson


Progressive Singing Techniques with Tamara Anderson

Stretching the Body for Better Vocal Production

Progressive Singing Techniques with Tamara Anderson,

Video #2,Breathing Techniques

Tamara Anderson and Her Horse Holly

Tamara Live at the Abbey Pub

Chick Singer Night - Chicago