Workshop Details

                             Master Class with Tamara

                             Saturday, 11-09-2019,  10AM-6PM

                             Lake Geneva House of Music 

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The Progressive Singers Workshop Masters Class, will help you to achieve new vocal and emotional freedom by unleashing your creative inner-self while improving the quality of your voice. Tamara provides a supportive environment with her sense of humor and light-hearted touch. Through the proven step-by-step instructions customized to your level of singing, you'll conquer inhibitions, triumph over vocal and mental barriers, and develop the power and beauty of your real voice  even if you never thought you could sing! This workshop is open to all ages, styles and levels of performers.



Unblock Your Inhibitions...

Anyone, from beginners to touring artists, from public speakers and vocal therapists, to teachers and the simply curious, can benefit from this one-of-a-kind workshop. The results are instant and far-reaching. Teaching is provided in a non-threatening group setting with personal instruction, emphasizing technique, performance, and improved vocal production. There will be a Q&A segment at the end of the workshop.


Learn More About...

  • Breath Support  

  • Control and Power 

  • Pitch   

  • Range

  • Connecting High and Low Notes

  • Projection 

  • Confidence 

  • Emotion 

  • Performance Anxiety 

  • Stage Presence 

  • Improvisation 

  • Help for Damaged Voices 

  • Selling the Song 

  • The Psychology of Singing  

  • Vocal Freedom  

  • Stylizing and Phrasing 

  • Harmonization 

  • Stamina 

  • Reclaim or discover your real singing voice